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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Video: Elizabeth Warren denies there is a Middle Class

In this interview with a local Fox affiliate, newly sworn-in Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren literally denies that the middle class can be quantified. No, really. After being given the opportunity by the reporter to concede that no matter how you measure it, a middle class should be easy to define based on whatever criteria one uses.

The implication of Warren's thinking is what should be alarming. If, for example, she can't define the middle class, that at least leaves open the possibility that one doesn't exist. If there is no middle class, there are only two classes left - upper and lower.

Is not the goal of of far left progressives like Warren to destroy the middle class?

Incidentally, I believe that woman defeated Scott Brown not because Brown wasn't liberal enough for Massachusetts. She beat him because he was too moderate and all but abandoned the Tea Party that was responsible for putting him in office back in 2010. Brown was elected to prevent a super majority vote on Obamacare. While he was the 41st Republican vote in that fight, he did little else after that.

As for Warren, her comments above about being unable to concede that a middle class can be defined may just be a moment on par with this from Maxine Waters in 2009:

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