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Monday, March 25, 2013

Michael Bloomberg: Traitor in a war U.S. Refuses to Identify

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to wage jihad on sodas, snacks, cigarettes, gun rights and other freedoms of American citizens. Conversely, he supported the Ground Zero mosque on Constitutional grounds, welcomed Siraj Wahhaj - an imam linked to the 1993 WTC bombing - to City Hall, and suggested that the Times Square bomber was likely a Tea Partier upset with Obamacare.

Here is Bloomberg on Meet the Press yesterday, talking about taking away your freedoms (implicit in this dhimmi diatribe is an UNwillingness to impinge on the freedoms of Jihadists).

Via Hot Air:

Bloomy makes the case FOR the Ground Zero mosque in 2010:

Times Square bomber likely an anti-Obamacare activist:

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