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Friday, April 19, 2013

CNN Contributor involved in 'Trentadue Mission'?

Today, Juliette Kayyem is a CNN contributor who has been taking some bizarre positions relative to the bombings in Boston, almost going out of her way to avoid the truth that the two primary suspects are Muslim and that their religion may have contributed. Kayyem is also a former DHS Assistant Secretary.

In 1997, Kayyem was more than just a little familiar with the bizarre circumstances surrounding the death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who died in a federal prison in 1995. For years, the Medical Examiner refused to rule the death a suicide. On October 1, 1997, Kayyem sent an email and referred to the 'Trentadue mission' as being "like coordinating the invasion of Normandy'. She also made reference to 'Eric's schedule', presumably a reference to then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder.

In 1995, Kenneth Michael Trentadue was taken into custody, presumably because his tattoo, vehicle, height, build, etc. led authorities to believe he might be the infamous John Doe #2 in the Oklahoma City bombing. He was then flown to the Federal Transport Center (FTC) in Oklahoma. He did not live through the night. His death wreaked of cover-up.

The Feds tried to rule it a suicide.

Here is a video of Senator Orrin Hatch at about the time of the aforementioned email. At the time, Hatch, was the Senate Judiciary Chairman:

Fred Jordan, the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner was the Feds' main obstacle to ruling the death a suicide and closing the case. For years, Jordan insisted that Trentadue's death should be ruled a homicide; the Feds wanted him to rule the death a suicide. The Feds and Oklahoma's ME were at an impasse. Someone would blink first.

J.D. Cash - a reporter for the McCurtain Daily Gazette at the time - relayed the circumstances leading up to that moment:
"...Jordan would not budge as long as the FBI and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) attempted to pressure him. That all changed after the Oklahoma County District Attorney Bob Macy intervened. Shortly after Macy took over, Jordan ruled the death a suicide." - Unsung Davids, pp. 249-150
Here is a news report from a local Oklahoma Fox affiliate on July 3, 1997  in which Jordan was interviewed. This was nearly three months before Kayyem's email was sent regarding 'the Trentadue mission' (video starts at about the :25 mark):

Now, fast forward to this week. Kayyem is being touted by CNN as an expert relative to the Boston marathon bombings.

Via AIM:
“The knots in my stomach tightened with preliminary reports from the New York Post that Boston Police had seized a ‘Saudi National,’” wrote Khaled A Beydoun, a UCLA professor on the Al Jazeera website. His piece was titled, “Boston explosions: ‘Please don’t be Arabs or Muslims.’”

CNN seems ready to promote this narrative, as the channel has turned increasingly for comment and analysis to Juliette Kayyem, a CNN contributor, former U.S. assistant secretary for Homeland Security, and lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. She “cautioned against putting too much stock in the early reports of Arab involvement,” as one CNN story put it.

Demonstrating her own blindness to the nature of the threat, Kayyem had written a 2011 article for the Boston Globe, “Let US see Al Jazeera,” praising the terror television channel linked to al Qaeda and considered a voice of the Muslim Brotherhood as “a news heavyweight in most of the world.”

Writing at the American Thinker, Ed Lasky noted, “…what is of interest is the background of Juliette Kayyem: President Obama appointed her to serve as the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. One would think that a key official at the Department of Homeland Security would see the danger of Al Jazeera being broadcast all over America.”
It never ceases to amaze how the left overlooks the egregious transgressions of its own.

Here is a recent video of Kenneth Trentadue's brother Jesse, who has been fighting for the truth and justice with respect to what happened to his brother:

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