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Monday, May 27, 2013

Temple, TX Police Department at heart of National Story may have a new problem on its hands

This past March, Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham was arrested by Temple, TX police for "rudely displaying" his firearm. During the arrest, Grisham had his son record the incident on his video camera. The video has gone viral and has garnered millions of views. Grisham is suing the police department and has been quite outspoken about his experience.

Conversely, as outspoken as Grisham has been, the Police Chief - Gary Smith - has been silent on the matter, which has been increasingly counter-productive. As the video of the incident continued to pick up momentum, Smith's silence has only seemed to add fuel to that momentum.

It appears that the Temple Police Department has another situation to deal with on the eve of an event that is scheduled to take place outside the Police station on June 1st that is partially in response to Grisham's arrest. Before we get to the event, have a look at an article from the Temple Daily Telegram (h/t Lynn Woolley). Police allegedly arrested a teen at Wal-Mart for a theft he wasn't involved in and proceeded to break his collar bone, possibly after using the teen's body to wipe up the floor after he spit in front of them.

What's more is that the police report of the arrest was not available for review as of May 24th. The Telegram reporter was told she would have to wait until Tuesday, May 28th to get an account of what took place.

Article from the Temple Daily Telegram
Two things here.

  1. Unless the teen was concerned for his girlfriend's safety, he probably shouldn't have gone into the store to see an arrest.
  2. If he spit on the floor as a show of disrespect to police, also not a good thing and he shouldn't have done it, even if the Police did as has been reported. If, however, he spit on the floor because of something physiological in response to being roughed up, that's a different story.

Nonetheless, it would seem the police have another problem on their hands. As was the case with Grisham, clamming up is proving counter-productive; it almost makes it seem like TPD is exercising its own Miranda rights.

As for that June 1st event, it would seem that unless the TPD gets out in front of the Wal-Mart arrest and is more forthcoming than it's been over the Grisham matter, it will only be fueling the event.

Not good.

Via Come and Take It Temple:
We will be gathering for a legal armed open carry march to raise public awareness of gun laws in Texas. It is partially in response to the Temple Police Department violating the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of Active Duty MSGT Christopher J. Grisham HERE. Please join us all. We will be exercising our rights as free men and women. Be part of the solution. All permits and armed march route has been approved and coordinated with the city and local authorities. Come out for music, great speakers, food and a march around the police station and town square.

When:  June 1st
Where: Temple, TX
Venue: Community Market 212 S. Main St.
Time:  10:00am-4:00pm
Here is video of Grisham's encounter with the Temple Police in March:

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