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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video: Harry Reid calls Ted Cruz a 'Schoolyard Bully' (Scut Farkus alert)

If there is one thing Democrats have in their DNA, it's projection. Nearly every single criticism that Democrats levy at their opponents is nothing more than an act of projection. In this case, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - the same guy who helped to ram Obamacare down the throat of the American people who didn't want it - calls Ted Cruz a 'schoolyard bully'. What's particularly interesting is that Reid is the most powerful bully in the Senate. Cruz, a freshman, should be the weakest.

In reality, Reid is like Scut Farkus calling Ralphie a 'schoolyard bully'.

Watch Cruz show his senior colleagues how it's done:

Oh, wait. When the schoolyard bully pushes his victims around for a little too long, this is what usually happens. Reid, the real bully, is behaving like Scut Farkus:

When you're a freshman GOP Senator who gets called a 'wacko-bird' by an establishment RINO Senator, it means you're ruffling feathers. It also means you're exhibiting leadership and showing your colleagues - all of whom have more experience and should already be leading - how to lead as well. When your Democratic colleagues - like Senate Majority leader Harry Reid - calls you a 'school-yard bully', it means you're making life difficult for those who have been running roughshod over the Constitution for far too long. Besides, whenever a Democrat calls you a name, it's usually projection.

The truth is that conservative voters have been screaming for backbone and leadership from their party for over four years now. To this point, no one at Cruz's level has met the challenge.

That he is a freshman should be an embarrassment to the rest of his caucus, who should lead, follow, or get out of the way (that includes McCain).

Via HillTube: 

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