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Friday, May 24, 2013

Video: Senate candidate from Massachusetts (and former Navy SEAL) calls Democrat Opponent 'Pond Scum'

Gabriel Gomez is a former Navy SEAL who is running for Senate in 2014. His opponent is Rep. Ed Markey, a smarmy Democrat. In an ad, Markey's group juxtaposed an image of Gomez with an image of Osama bin Laden in an attempt to depict Gomez as going after Obama for killing bin Laden. Obviously, Gomez's problem was with the fanfare that came with bin Laden's killing. When a reporter asked Gomez about his problem with Markey's ad, the response included a reference to Markey being 'pond scum'.

For the record, in addition to being 'pond scum', Markey is also a registered socialist.

Via WFB:

Here is the ad that prompted Gomez to refer to Markey as 'pond scum'.

When it comes to Republicans in the Senate, we could use a lot more of these guys and a lot fewer McCains.

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