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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mexican Police Chief latest Fast and Furious victim; Democrats silent

Gabrielle Giffords, Sandy Hook, Colorado theater shootings, etc. etc. etc. Whenever there is a crime(s) involving gun violence, the Obama administration is always ready to exploit it. There is one exception to this rule - Fast and Furious.

Now we learn there is yet another victim. A Mexican police chief was shot and killed by a weapon that was sold in the U.S. and made its way across our southern border. Obama's lackeys in the media should be all over this one, right?

Via Los Angeles Times:
A high-powered rifle lost in the ATF’s Fast and Furious controversy was used to kill a Mexican police chief in the state of Jalisco earlier this year, according to internal Department of Justice records, suggesting that weapons from the failed gun-tracking operation have now made it into the hands of violent drug cartels deep inside Mexico.

Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga, the police chief in the city of Hostotipaquillo, was shot to death Jan. 29 when gunmen intercepted his patrol car and opened fire. Also killed was one of his bodyguards. His wife and a second bodyguard were wounded.

Local authorities said eight suspects in their 20s and 30s were arrested after police seized them nearby with a cache of weapons — rifles, grenades, handguns, helmets, bulletproof vests, uniforms and special communications equipment. The area is a hot zone for rival drug gangs, with members of three cartels fighting over turf in the region.

A semi-automatic WASR rifle, the firearm that killed the chief, was traced back to the Lone Wolf Trading Company, a gun store in Glendale, Ariz. The notation on the Department of Justice trace records said the WASR was used in a “HOMICIDE – WILLFUL – KILL –PUB OFF –GUN” –ATF code for “Homicide, Willful Killing of a Public Official, Gun.”
In the case of Sandy Hook, a weapon purchased legally was stolen by the lone shooter, who then murdered twenty-six people (twenty children). Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) wasted no time in calling on Obama to exploit the tragedy, doing so on the very same day.

Mexican police chief, Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga was murdered more than five months ago. Yet, Nadler is silent.

Even if one gives Nadler a pass on ignoring the shooting death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry on December 14, 2010 and the hundreds of innocent Mexicans who were murdered by guns from Operation Fast and Furious, why is he so silent on the shooting death of Astorga? After all, the weapon used to kill a Mexican police chief was purchased in an U.S. gun store, right? It was very likely sold to a 'straw purchaser' who then 'walked' that gun into Mexico and handed it to drug cartels.

Rep. Nadler, if you want to exploit gun crimes, it would seem this is your opportunity.

Oh, wait.

The Obama administration can't exploit Fast and Furious because it's responsible for implementing it. Had it not been caught, Nadler would be at the front of the line, calling for tighter gun restrictions.

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