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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Islamic Radical's head about to explode

Hate Preacher Omar Bakri was expelled from Great Britain for being too hateful (pretty hard to do when you're talking about England) and is currently in Lebanon. His buddy Anjem Choudary is still in Great Britain poisoning young minds to hate everything western.

Anyway, Bakri being the strict Islamist that he is, was incensed last year when his 27 year-old daughter was revealed to be a pole dancer. Now we learn that his 15 year-old daughter has posted a picture of herself on facebook and guess what?


Oh, the humanity!!

The UK Sun quotes a family source as saying, "Raya's pictures on Facebook will make her father explode with rage."

Hey Omar, how many of your daughters have humiliated you again?

h/t to the Jawa Report

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