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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

VIDEO: O'Reilly Interviews Guy who Punked Barbara Boxer

Harry Alford, president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce called out Barbara Boxer when she tried to play the race card by whipping out resolutions by the NAACP and the CEO of 100 black workers to argue her point on green jobs, which was in opposition to that of Alford.

Alford appeared on O'Reilly's program on July 20th and it was definitely worth watching but Bill refused to concede Alford's point that Boxer was being racial. Yes, the stakes are higher for O'Reilly than they are for the rest of us but Alford's point that Boxer was using black groups to pit against a black group with which she disagreed.

At times, O'Reilly sacrafices objectivity for the sake of being perceived as independent. It was obvious what Boxer was doing and O'Reilly wouldn't admit it.

Other than that, pretty good interview. CLICK HERE to watch.

Just in case you missed the exchange between Alford and Boxer, enjoy....

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