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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Apple Computer has not only decided to boycott the Glenn Beck show but the entire network he works for. Conversely, they have decided to market at least one of their products - the iPhone - by featuring quotes from an infamous racist, hate-filled, murdering, marxist, who wanted to take down America. That's right. Glenn Beck is shunned as a pariah by Apple as Che Guevara is embraced and extolled as a virtuous historical figure.

Humberto Fontova at Big Journalism points out that, in true leftwing fashion, inconvenient facts are always avoided if they get in the way of an agenda. In this case, it's the Guevara quotes that fly in the face of the liberal paradigms that are missing from the iPhone.

Here are a couple of quotes attributed to Guevara that one will not find in the iPhone. Via Fontova:
The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities and booze, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.

My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood… Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any surrendered enemy that falls in my hands! With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!
The left continues to lower the bar on itself. Each time it does, its staunchest advocates seem to get angrier. As they get angrier, they continue to project their own faults onto their opponents with ever increasing absurdity.

Read the whole thing.

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