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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ah, the irony of it all. Some of Bill O'Reilly's best work as he confronts Sharpton about the latter's allegations that the "N" word was hurled at black congressmen John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver on March 21st as they made their way to the Capitol through a crowd of Tea Party protesters. After making the claim, O'Reilly asks Sharpton what evidence he has. Sharpton claims he's seen the tape. Small problem.

There is no tape and O'Reilly calls him on it. Also worthy of note is that Lewis, Cleaver, and Jesse Jackson Jr. were all invited on the O'Reilly Factor program but declined, according to O'Reilly. Of all three, the absence of Jackson speaks volumes because he had a video camera in each hand, recording the entire time. There's apparently nothing on his recordings and since he was right there with Lewis and Cleaver, the fact that J.J.J. was recording video and can't back up any of these charges makes it even more damaging.

The whole interview is worth watching but if pressed for time, Sharpton exposed in a big way starting at the 4:00 mark. Sharpton lies, via Fox News.

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