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Friday, May 21, 2010


This level of childishness coming from a presidential administration is most certainly the lowest of any previous one. John Morton, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is openly telling Arizona that his agency will not process illegal aliens handed over to it by Arizona law enforcement officials who attempt to follow their state's law. By expressing his opinion in this way, while not being fired, Morton is obviously telegraphing the fact that this message is being sent straight from the White House.

Via Fox News:
John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comment during a meeting on Wednesday with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, the newspaper reports.

"I don't think the Arizona law, or laws like it, are the solution," Morton told the newspaper.

The best way to reduce illegal immigration is through a comprehensive federal approach, he said, and not a patchwork of state laws.

The law, which criminalizes being in the state illegally and requires authorities to check suspects for immigration status, is not "good government," Morton said.
This is coming straight from Obama, who is openly admitting that he will not follow the rule of law if he disagrees with it. It doesn't take a rocket science to connect the dot between Morton and Obama. If Obama disagreed with Morton saying something so blatantly egregious, he would fire him. The reverse necessarily has to be true. Morton likely risked job loss if he didn't make such a statement. The problem is that he should have resigned rather than make it.

When a public official willingly carries out an unlawful order or performs an unlawful act or omission instead of stepping aside, that individual becomes complicit in the perpetuation of that illegal behavior. It's long been established that the defense of, 'I was just following orders' does not let that person off the hook when the order is illegal. Fox's Charles Krauthammer perhaps said it best when he called the administration "lawless".

h/t to Gateway Pundit for the video.

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