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Friday, May 21, 2010


The Community Organisms have almost inexplicably targeted one of the most liberal newspapers in America - I know because I used to have it delivered. Why? Apparently, because of the paper's biased coverage of the Austin City Council's decision to boycott Arizona. I actually canceled my subscription because of how liberal the paper is.

Here is an image of the Organizing For FA Austin's appeal to the local community orgs.

Well, uh, actually OFA Austin seems to have a problem with the Statesman publishing letters from readers that express disapproval with the City council. According to OFA, the Statesman published 20 letters from readers and none of them were in support of the city council's decision.

I guess it never occurred to the community organisms that the paper didn't have any positive letters to publish. Maybe OFA should have checked the Spanish edition of the Statesman.

While this attack on the Statesman would seemingly be ill-advised because of its already-liberal bent, it should also be a wake up call to both the Statesman and any left wing media entity. This unequivocally shows that, like the title of Hillary Clinton's senior thesis, "There is Only the Fight", Community Orgs will not be satisfied with silencing conservatives. This shows that they are willing to go after media outlets that are generally sympathetic when they get a little off track.

HERE is the link to the Statesman page that includes letters from readers that the Community Orgs find objectionable. Take note that the email addresses of some of the letter writers have been published as well. I wonder how many of them are being harassed by the Orgs.

OFA Austin also links to the Statesman email page and asks its lemmings to send them a letter. I took the liberty of doing so myself and this is what I sent to them:
As a radio talk show host and producer for the Lynn Woolley Show, I would like to express solidarity with the Statesman with respect to your paper being the target of intimidation from Organizing for America. Stand strong and know that you did nothing wrong by publishing reader letters in opposition to the recent city council resolution calling for an Austin boycott of Arizona.
I discussed the matter of the Austin boycott at length on my May 16th program. HERE is a link to the podast.

h/t to Hot Air

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