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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Talk about a leap. We're all familiar with the shared belief of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Rahm Emanuel that a crisis should never be allowed to go to waste. We saw that play out recently, when the Obama administration decided to exploit the BP oil rig explosion by having president teleprompter resurrect the mantra of calling for Cap and Trade legislation as a means to help the country move toward green energy - yeah, we also know it's a big scam but at least the logic was apparent. Exploiting the disaster in such a way seemed like a natural fit in the liberal mind.

Now, thanks to a piece by the Prowler in the American Spectator, the BP crisis may end up being used to help the FCC implement internet regulation:
The commission's chairman, Julius Genachowski, and his staff have insisted that imposing federal regulations originally written in the 1930s for the telephone is the only way the Obama Administration can gain the "kind of oversight and control that we need," says an FCC staffer with ties to another Democrat commissioner. "Look at the Gulf oil spill, that's what happens when we let corporations just do their own thing without any accountability. We can't allow that to happen with the Internet. We won't allow it."
Hang on. Let's work through this argument for a minute. The BP explosion occurred on a rig that was drilling 5000 ft. under the Gulf of Mexico. Has anyone asked why they are doing that? The answer is government regulations brought on by the Eco-wackos. The premise of this unnamed staffer is simply faulty - completely so. The premise is that because BP is allowed to operate without restriction, they got careless and caused this entire disaster all by themselves.

Uh, perhaps this staffer should probe into the reasons why BP is drilling so far out from shore. In fact, the argument could be made, quite logically, that the this disaster is as big and far reaching as it is because the government interfered and placed insane restrictions on oil drilling in the Gulf.

Read it all.

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