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Sunday, June 20, 2010


This one is unbelievable. Fast forward to the 3:00 mark to get to the good stuff. Frankly, I'm somewhat surprised that Arizona Senator John Kyl revealed this much to the participants of his June 18th town hall meeting. Note that just before he delivers the goods, he says he asked everyone to leave the oval office so he and Obama could have a private one-on-one conversation. What he and the president discussed was immigration.

What Kyl alleges, basically, is that Obama was engaging in a little "pay-to-play" negotiations with immigration. The deal? No border security until immigration reform is passed. We have it straight from the horse's mouth. The reason the Obama administration is not enforcing existing immigration law is that it doesn't like it and wants a new one.

Meanwhile, Obama has announced that a lawsuit will be filed against Arizona for having the unmitigated gall to actually follow the process, pass a bill, and sign it into law, with plans to enforce it. Take note of the gasps in the audience as Kyl reveals what Obama told him.

Take note of the guy in the bottom left-hand corner of the video. Free Barrackaid number to anyone who can tell me what his hat is made of.

via Gateway Pundit

I can't help but wondering if Kyl is defending his state's governor in that video. This week, Hillary announced Obama would be suing Arizona. Two days later, Kyl reveals the contents of his private discussion with Obama. Here's the video of Hillary in Ecuador. Take note that she says Obama believes the Federal government should determine immigration policy. That statement in particular is a window into the level of arrogance in this administration. There's a big difference between "policy" and "law". What Hillary is actually saying here is that Obama is choosing what laws he wants to enforce.

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