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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The matter of the alleged position offered to Joe Sestak in return for dropping out of his race with Arlen Specter continues to benefit his Republican opponent, Pat Toomey, who has overtaken Sestak in the polls. Sestak's strategy appears to be one intended to distance himself from the 'establishment'.

POLITICO reports on an interview Sestak did with Tavis Smiley. He used the word, "wrong" to describe the White House's support of Specter while also attempting to place Obama above it all. If you thought there were blatant contradictions before, take a look at what Sestak told Tavis Smiley:
“There’s no more kings, there’s no more king makers in America,” Sestak said on the PBS show "Tavis Smiley." “And if the Democratic party should stand for anything when they are trying to get me out of the race, they should be for enticing people into the race. This President said it so well and I believe [that] he believes it: believe in principle and politics will follow. No. The party establishment was wrong in what it did.”
Did you catch that? He rips the Democratic "party establishment" for the attempt to get him out of the race while holding up Obama as a principled leader. Does he think people are this stupid? The offer came from Obama's Chief of Staff and was relayed by former president Bill Clinton. If it was "wrong", then Obama was wrong. Sestak doesn't draw the comparison that is so obvious, it slaps even the staunchest of Obamautomatons upside the head - I bet even Tavis Smiley cocked an eyebrow at that one. Then again, maybe not. He does believe rabid murderous Christians outnumber their Islamic counterparts.

Sestak is actually attempting to distance himself from Obama while also giving him a pass. This is beyond convoluted. As he failed to do when asked by Larry Kane if he was offered a job to drop out of the primary, he should have kept his mouth shut here as well.


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