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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Obama showcases a little of his Chicago Side here. Even the left has been critical of Obama's handling of the Gulf Oil disaster. The main criticism from them is that his calm and cool demeanor is not what is needed right now, that he needs to show anger and engagement; he cannot appear detached and above the proverbial fray in this situation. James Carville likely did more than anyone else to get the left to coalesce around this notion.

Then came the notorious Spike Lee. On June 2nd, in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Mr. Lee said regarding the oil spill that Obama needs to "Go Off". Less than one week later, Obama manufactures a little anger and throws in a cuss word for good measure during an interview with Matt Lauer while pointing the finger at "talking heads" who are just doing their jobs as "talking heads". I'm surprised he didn't blame the last administration while he was at it.

I can't help wondering if he called Spike Lee after his interview with Lauer to seek his approval. I have to believe that even Spike Lee had to cringe a little. The result was that Obama may have gone off-script but he still doesn't appear to have "gone off". He just looks like a guy in way over his head attempting to agitate himself.

After all, his entire career is all about agitating others. Maybe he thought it was time to agitate himself for a change. Did I say "change"?

Here's the Spike Lee video from last week. I just wanted the short clip of him saying Obama should "go off" but these entire four minutes are worth the watch if you have the time - more childish immaturity.

h/t to Gateway Pundit

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