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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If you can believe it, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews ripped Obama's speech for the same things many of us have been screaming about for more than a couple of years - lack of substance and specifics. Almost equally amazing is Matthews' comments about Obama's demand for urgency with respect to alternate energy sources; Matthews takes issue with how quickly that can be done - also something the right has been saying for quite a while now.

This was like watching a snowball roll down a very steep hill. As I watched, I got the sense that Matthews and Fineman jumped on Olbermann's lead-in as a green flag to slam the speech. Olby opens with, "I thought it was a great speech if you've been on another planet for the last 57 days but...."

Matthews and Howard Fineman don't seem to have a problem adding snow to the ball as it picks up speed. This was like an MSNBC feeding frenzy and Obama's words were the red meat. Pinch yourself before watching this one. You'll need the reassurance you didn't dream it.

h/t to Real Clear Politics

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