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Sunday, July 18, 2010


With countless stories in the news these days, the Russian spy scandal never really got much of my attention. It was played down in the media and made to look like these were low level players that didn't rise to the level necessary to warrant national concern. However, Cliff Kincaid of America's Survival has been writing about some very interesting aspects to the story that most don't know about. There's of course the matter of the United States coughing up 10 captured spies in return for 4 but what about how quickly the whole story - and spies - virtually disappeared?

Interestingly, there were apparently rather lucrative business deals in the works between the U.S. and Russia as well as individuals within the Obama administration who were targets of the espionage: Via USA Survival:
It is certainly the case that a continuing spy scandal threatened to undermine U.S.-Russia business “opportunities” and “cooperation.” It is also true that there is evidence that the Russian agents targeted the Obama Administration and former Clinton Administration officials.
Getting practically zero mention in the media has been the intent of the spies that were captured here in the United States and what they were actually doing. It turns out that nuclear weapons programs were of great interest:
Documents in the scandal demonstrate, as we have reported, that the Russian intelligence service, the SVR, was interested in penetrating “think tanks” with influence over U.S. foreign policy The SVR, the successor to the KGB, was especially interested in nuclear weapons-related information.

What we do know, based on public reports, is that one Russian agent had a job at Microsoft, another had been trying to cultivate a fundraiser for and friend of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and another had claimed contacts with a Clinton Administration official by the name of Leon Fuerth, who had been Vice President Al Gore’s top national security aide.

So we quickly found out that top Obama and Democratic Party officials had been targeted in this intelligence operation. Is this why the scandal had to go away?
The real meat of the story may just involve a delegation led by Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) in 2005. Bellona reported at the time that members of Lugar's delegation were detained in Russia for three hours before their plane was allowed to depart for the Ukraine. Permission to take off was only granted after every member showed their passports. One of the people in Lugar's delegation?

Barack Hussein Obama. This could actually mean that Russian authorities may be more familiar with Obama's passport than are U.S. Authorities. If there is anything untoward about the president's passport, it would seem the Russians would have a degree of leverage to get what they wanted - say, a 10-4 swap?

On a related note, Kincaid has been suspicious of political shock radio talker, Alex Jones for some time as have I but the facts continue to point to him being someone other than who he claims to be. Click HERE to see how Alex Jones responded to the spy scandal.

Read all of Kincaid's report.

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