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Sunday, July 18, 2010


To think that a photo of a woman sitting on the lap of Gary Hart sunk his candidacy just over twenty years ago. Is this how far we've fallen? The fact that a huge swath of South Carolinians pulled the lever for Alvin Greene in the South Carolina primary because his name reminded them of the 1970's singer notwithstanding, there are actually people out there cheering for this man; that is the much bigger indictment of South Carolina democrats.

I've never heard the notion that South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint is keeping the country hostage until I heard Greene say it in this clip. Jim DeMint is keeping the country hostage, Alvin? Really? Then he repeats ad-nausea um that 125,000 jobs have been lost across the country. Uh, Alvin, take a look around at who is in the majority in congress and who controls the executive branch.

The money quote? "..most people that travel to South Carolina, get here by vehicle."


Oh, and just for some context, here's that priceless interview between Fox's Shepard Smith and the young lady who accused Greene of forcing pornography on her.

Just because it's once again relevant, here is who South Carolina democrats thought they were voting for.....

h/t to Gateway Pundit

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