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Saturday, July 3, 2010


When Glen Nelson, owner of Matrix Realty purchased a new building, its janitorial service was unionized. After the purchase of the building, Nelson decided to go with a non-union cleaning service to save on expenses - $1.3 Million a year to be exact. As you can imagine, SEIU doesn't take too kindly to such things - the same SEIU that Obama pledged his loyalty to on numerous occasions. Instead of looking for new jobs, SEIU members went to Nelson's home to intimidate him.

One of the protesters claimed he was threatened by Nelson when he and his fellow whiners set up shop near Nelson's home.

Via NewsDay:
The man who says he was threatened, Arthur Tiscia, 40, in a telephone interview Wednesday said he went to Nelson's home in Miller Place on Dec. 21 with a group of the cleaners who had lost their jobs.

They set up a table and a banner in the street near Nelson's driveway and intended to ask Nelson's neighbors for food donations for Christmas, for the families of janitors who had lost their jobs, Tiscia said. Nelson came home and threatened him, Tiscia said.
The story takes a disturbing twist on multiple levels at this point. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) predictably sided with Tiscia and Nelson unfortunately caved when the NLRB ruled that if he wanted to avoid further trouble, he would have to post a sign in the front of his business that said the following:
"We will not threaten to kill you or to cause you bodily harm because you engage in activities" in support of a labor union.
SEIU's behavior is beyond reproach but at some point, people like Tiscia need to stand up to these thugs.

h/t to Big Government

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