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Saturday, July 10, 2010


His name is Malik Zulu Shabazz and he heads the New Black Panther Party. One day after videos surfaced of him on Russian Television and a MediaIte video saying that there was a conspiracy to have him banned from appearing on the Fox News Channel, he appears on..........the Fox News Channel. The interview is in two parts with Megyn Kelly. Both are definitely worth watching but Kelly lands some serious haymakers in Part 2. In fact, when interviewed in the past, Shabazz has rarely, if ever, been anything other than aggressive.

In part 2, he is clearly on his heels. In particular, after Kelly asks him if he's ever called white people "Crackers". I'm assuming Kelly won't mind if I call her a "Fire-Cracker" in this video. Shabazz comes across as knowing he's trapped.


I have two mild critiques of Part 1. Shabazz tells Kelly that NBPP policy is that none of its members should be within 100 feet of a polling station. Earlier, he told Kelly that the Black Panther without the night stick did nothing wrong. Kelly could have called him on that based on the 100 ft. policy but didn't.

The other missed opportunity was Shabazz's claim that just because Samir Shabazz (nightstick guy) did something wrong shouldn't implicate the entire NBPP, which shouldn't have been sued. At that point, Kelly could have conceded that point while asking Malik why then the NBPP never responded to the complaint.

As I said, both are mild critiques which Kelly MORE than makes up for in Part 2.


One last clip, since it's relevant. Breitbart has unearthed a video of Malik Shabazz talking about the incident in front of other Panthers. See if you can spot any contradictions between what he told Kelly and what he said here.

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