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Friday, August 13, 2010


This one is very interesting. A black woman named 'Grace' called in to Dr. Laura's show claiming that her white husband says 'racist' things about black people to his friends and she's offended by it. Schlessinger then asks for examples because some people can be 'hypersensitive'. Grace proceeds to giver her one and Dr. Laura dismisses Grace's indignation as overblown. In the process of explaining why, Schlessinger points to the double standard that exists with respect to the use of the 'N' word. Except, she doesn't say 'N word' - she says the 'N' word.

I also found it interesting that as part of Grace's outrage in response to Dr. Laura uttering such a word simply because of the word and regardless of context, Grace then says it herself. Question: if, as Grace claims, it's the word itself and not the person who says it, why is it ok for Grace to say it?

This still has to play out but Dr. Laura's apology may have done her more harm than good. We all know the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons usually do their heaviest pouncing AFTER the apologies. It's the race-baiting progression. Once the race card is played effectively, the next card to play is the guilt card. Apology = guilt and the race baiters know it. Moreover, Dr. Laura didn't just let it slip out. She had a reasoned argument that involved her rationale for using the word in the context that she did. With this apology, she also seems to be destroying her entire argument.

Something the Race-baiters may want to consider before pressing forward on attempts to call for Dr. Laura's firing. Schlessinger is syndicated all over the country and while she's conservative, her show is about relationships, not politics. If she is forced off the air, she'll likely be replaced by a far more political conservative talk show host.

via Breitbart

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