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Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is an extremely interesting development with respect to the debate over the Ground Zero mosque. Tariq Ramadan (pictured) is the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-banna and son of Said Ramadan, another prominent figure in the organization. Tariq had been banned from entering the United States since 2005 for his ties to terrorism until January of 2010, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed a document that lifted the ban. Ramadan has multiple ties to suspect groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, not the least of which being the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

On its face, that would seem to make his opposition to the Ground Zero mosque confusing. Another look might reveal some significant concern on the part of the stealthy Islamists that a larger agenda could be exposed earlier than what is prudent for the cause. The Ground Zero mosque controversy continues to grow and Imam Rauf's connections to people with very suspect backgrounds continue to be uncovered.

The GBMDR has more. Here is an excerpt from an op-ed authored by Ramadan:
No doubt, it is the legitimate right of Muslims to build a community center near Ground Zero. Yet, I believe it is not a wise decision, considering the collective sensitivities in American society. This is a moment to go beyond rights and reach for the common good: To build it elsewhere, if possible, would be a sensible and symbolic move. Doing so does not mean we must accept the false premise that Islam is responsible for 9/11, and it does not mean sacrificing one’s rights to the populist, neoconservative and religious fundamentalist voices that seek to transform the issue into a new clash of civilizations.
Ramadan is very adept at not tipping his hand or saying anything too overtly controversial. Many suspect he has very nefarious goals - based on the people with whom he associates - but is able to further his agenda much more subtly than most. In Islam, that is referred to as "muruna" or operating stealthily.

As GBMDR points out, Ramadan's views are held in high regard among Islamic leaders. It is suspected that Imam Rauf is taking very seriously Ramadan's position that the Mosque not be built at the proposed location. If Rauf heeds the advice, it could be a good news / bad news situation for those concerned with learning more about Rauf's connections and true intentions. If the Mosque is moved, the spotlight on such things will likely go away. The notion that this is behind Ramadan's call for moving the mosque should not be dismissed.

Conversely, regardless of why the mosque is moved, the very fact that Rauf would have caved to significant public outrage would still be a victory for Mosque opponents who view such a project as a form of desecration. Americans will need to continue to put pressure on Rauf even if he decides to move the Mosque. This controversy has revealed far too much about him to let him fade away back into obscurity.

Read the full report.

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