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Thursday, September 16, 2010


This guy, Imam Abdul Rauf is going down fast. There are his prolific anti-American comments; a developer with multiple run-ins with the law; a donor who contributed to the Holy Land Foundation in 1999; and revelations that a man he co-founded a group with in the 1990's signed the same 9/11 Truth document Van Jones did. Now this! It appears Imam Rauf may have something in common with Tony Rezko and Valerie Jarrett; all seem to have been or are slum lords. An important distinction with Rauf, however, is that he missed his court date.

The New York Post reports:
While the Imam behind plans for a mosque near Ground Zero was jetting around the globe and advocating for his Downtown project, a pair of dilapidated apartment buildings he owns in New Jersey fell into such disrepair that cops have to stand watch in the event of a fire.

The fire watch, at taxpayer expense, was revealed during a court hearing today when Union City lawyers asked to have two buildings owned by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf placed into receivership so that rent s could be used to fix dozens of violations, including inoperable alarms and sprinklers.

Rauf skipped today’s hearing as did his wife Daisy Khan. Their lawyer, Tomas Espinosa, said he didn’t know why the Imam didn’t come to court.

“There have been a lot of stress on these people,” Espinosa said when asked after the hearing to explain why Rauf was a no-show “The legal process will show that my client is an honorable man that has taken care of his property.”
So we're to believe that the reason Rauf missed his court date is that he was too stressed out over the Ground Zero mosque opposition / controversy; this guy is a master at refusing to accept responsibility.

My guess is Rauf is following the New Black Panther Party model. Ignore it and it will go away. It worked once with the Obama Justice Department. Why wouldn't it work again?

I wonder if NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will chime in on this one. Probably not.

h/t to Jawa

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