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Friday, October 8, 2010


Frankly, I can't blame the driver for hitting this kid. What would YOU do if someone was running toward you, poised to throw a rock at you while several other people were actually THROWING rocks at you? I'd keep moving forward, not to intentionally hit the kid but because it's the only option. How about the hit and run angle? Uh, I'd keep going too. If these thugs are throwing rocks at a car because the driver is a Jew, what would they do if the driver got out to tend to one of the rock-throwers he injured?

Here's a thought. How about the kid's parents take some responsibility for not teaching the kid it's a bad idea to go mano-a-mano with a car armed with nothing but a rock?

This is nothing more than Pallywood gone wrong.

Via Breitbart


Larry said...

At least the barbarians of the 3rd century are smarter than these numb nuts. "I am going to shove my kid out in front of a moving car of someone I dont know but I am told to hate in an effort to be a martyr." Where is CPS in Palestine? Probably gettin foreign aid from the US. This is one F'd up world when throwing your kids in front of moving vehicles is put on youtube by your own father.

Larry said...

I would adopt one of those poor kids if I did not think he would burn my house down and stab my dog because I was a Christian.

Larry said...

I think more occupation is needed to keep these savages at bay. Dont see any Israelites pushing his kid in front of a moving car to prove a point. WOW.. And they want respect? Maybe the president of the world, "no-bama" who decided to fight wild fire with words can help? Morons run this planet. Good thing there is more than this planet

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