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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The maker of the multiple ACORN videos from last year that crippled the organization, James O'Keefe has certainly fired a couple of duds since then but his latest work, which exposes the New Jersey Teachers Association as engaging in despicable behavior and apparent voter fraud, lands another haymaker. If this video report isn't as big as the ACORN videos - in some ways, it may be bigger - it's definitely a close second. It also serves as the quintessential contrast between what the mainstream media ISN'T doing and what citizen journalists ARE doing - actual journalism.

Via Project Veritas

Part One exposes the New Jersey Teachers Union members laughing it up at a lavish hotel on the taxpayers' dime. **LANGUAGE WARNING**

Part Two. Here, a parent is unable to get the school Superintendent to fire a teacher who called his child "Ni***r."

Part Three appears to present 'smoking gun' evidence of voter fraud in a 1997 election in Hudson county that turned the election.

Due to the explosiveness of the videos, along with them subsequently going viral, New Jersey governor Chris Christie responds and PILES ON BIG TIME!

Via Breitbart

Gov. Chris Christie comments on 'teachers unions gone wild'

As the nice little cherry on top, check out this interview of James O'Keefe by an anchor with a local Fox affiliate. The anchor is obviously unhinged for no apparent reason as O'Keefe calmly explains his side. The most obvious reason for the anchor's demeanor is that as a paid professional journalist, he got thoroughly SKUNKED AND PUNKED by members of the population he is charged with serving.

When you factor in the level of embarrassment this man must feel, it's actually kind of easy to understand, though not excuse, his indignation.

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