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Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm sorry but this is pathetic. It is exactly this kind of mentality that leads to Republicans 'reaching across the aisle.' Christine O'Donnell is already showing signs that she's going to play the political game in Washington in this interview. If she is 'us' as her political ad says, sucking up to Hillary Clinton is not forgivable. Does she not understand that the people going to the mat for her think Hillary Clinton has been and continues to be an unmitigated disaster? I'm not saying this is a deal breaker but it should be. Hopefully, her constituents forcefully let her know that calling Hillary Clinton a 'great senator' is unacceptable and an obvious attempt to gain political points with those not in her camp.

Instead of deciding on sycophancy, O'Donnell should have reminded Greta that it was Hillary who should have been challenged on the witchcraft issue for talking to the dead while in the White House (Eleanor Roosevelt and Ghandi). Remember, it was Hillary's husband Bill who mocked O'Donnell just last month. After O'Donnell was done praising Hillary the socialist, she quoted Gloria Steinem.

This is disgusting. She's running on a platform that believes current politicians don't represent their constituents and she's saying things that her supporters vehemently disagree with. If I lived in Delaware, this one may have kept me home on election day.

If Christine wants to represent the Tea Party, she can't give these answers and if she believes Hillary Clinton was a great senator, I've got huge problems with her as a candidate. If she said it for political reasons and doesn't truly believe it, she lied and she's not even in office yet. She wasn't even asked about Hillary; she brought her up voluntarily. The answer she should have given to Greta's question, asking her if there's a Democrat she admires would have been much better if she'd have said:

A retired one.

Fast forward to the 8:20 mark. Sickening.

h/t to HapBlog

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