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Friday, November 19, 2010


It looks like Ulsterman will be feeding us another interview with the alleged 'White House Insider.' Part One has just come out and the sense one gets from it is that Ulsterman may be getting a little spooked by the gravity of the situation he's helped to create. The Insider does what he can to reassure him that the more people who talk, the safer Ulsterman will be. These interviews really do read like a drama series. Examples of things adding credibility to this Insider are recent comments by Joe Scarborough and now James Carville.

Before reading the interview, check out this VIDEO of Carville mocking Obama's manhood compared to that of Hillary. CLICK HERE to see what Scarborough had to say about Obama last week.

Via Ulsterman:
Insider: Hey, it’s not just me. There’s a whole mess of us pissed over what this White House has done to the party. So many good Democrats have been destroyed. What is left in the party. Nancy -expletive- Pelosi? Charlie -expletive- Rangle? Barney -expletive- Frank? Harry -expletive- Reid? No-no-no-no…there’s gonna be some new blood come into our party. The Democrats will rise up from this mess and be stronger for it. But you gotta hang tough kid – don’t back down now. Don’t lose your stomach. The one’s who don’t believe the information I’ve given you CHOOSE not to believe it. They refuse to. They don’t want to. They can’t admit the mistake that is Barack Obama. Hell, I wouldn’t want to either. If I hadn’t seen it, if I didn’t have people telling me every week how the man couldn’t find his own ass with a bell on it, I would calling you out as a liar as well. But that’s not where we are at now, right?

Ulsterman: No…

Insider: No it is not. I am not sure you fully appreciate the size and scope of what you are involved with here. It’s far greater than some angry Obama supporters out there calling you names, or making threats. If this breaks the way I think it will break, you are playing a part in history. I’m talking real -expletive- history. If that sounds beyond your own little reality, that’s because it is, or at least it was. But that reality doesn’t exist for you anymore. You started this with me, and you gotta see it through. More information is coming. More events are coming down the line. Have I given you anything that has not been proven right on? I may not have gotten the exact timing right in all of this, but I got you most the details, right?
Two things that raise flags regarding the claims of the Insider. One is that while he didn't say it was impossible for Pelosi to stay on as the Democrat leader in the House, he was close to adamant that it wouldn't happen. The other thing he has predicted is that Robert Gibbs would be out very soon - that hasn't happened.

Nonetheless, other things make these interviews very interesting. Speaking of Pelosi, this part one interview ends with a teaser about something coming out of her office in part two.

Read it all.

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