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Saturday, November 13, 2010


This really is an amazing piece of video from MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' program. It's amazing because it happened on MSNBC but more important, because of the sources that Joe Scarborough points to as having said it - several top Democrat Senators. The charge? Barack Obama 'has no idea what he's doing' and has completely alienated Republicans. Liberal spinmeister, Mika Brzezinski makes a lame attempt at a rebuttal and eventually realizes it's pointless but attempts to stick with her initial argument - Republicans have been allowed into the White House. She does so even after Scarborough outs her as having had the same discussions with the same Senators he said spoke with him. At one point, she looks straight into the camera and resembles a cross-eyed deer in the headlights.

Even co-panelist and staunch liberal Mike Barnicle admits to hearing from at least seven Democrat Senators that Obama is clueless. This is not small news. In fact, it seems to bolster the claims made by the alleged 'White House Insider' that Ulsterman has been talking to - more on that after the video.

h/t to Verum Serum

A blog called Nice Deb has made an excellent connection between what was discussed on that video and the revelations given by an alleged 'White House Insider' to an anonymous blogger 'Ulsterman' in part three of the initial interview between the two. Here is one excerpt from that interview, originally posted on September 18th:
Insider:…we got Congressmen and Senators running for re-election right now whose political careers are about to be ended because they supported a president and a Democratic Party leadership that told them to do so. They trusted they would be politically protected, that the American people would agree with the agenda. Well guess what? That hasn’t happened. Good people, good Democrats, are being tossed aside like so much trash – and this White House DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN. In my eyes that is absolutely unforgivable. You just don’t do that to your own people. And some of these politicians are talking. They are – but for the most part the media is ignoring them because they don’t want to hurt the administration. To that I say enough! Do your damn job. Report what is going on within the Democratic Party. We need to clean up this mess, and it starts by getting the truth out there. That is my motivation.
Click HERE to read the entire interview in Part three of the initial series.

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