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Saturday, November 13, 2010


In the months preceding the November 2nd elections, a conservative mantra became a rallying cry for the Tea Party movement - 'FIRE PELOSI.' After the election, the mantra flipped when the talk of her staying on as minority leader would not subside. The new mantra for conservatives? 'HIRE PELOSI.' Even Democrats seemed to agree with the notion that keeping Pelosi on as the Democrats' House leader would be a very bad idea because it would keep the trio of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi in place as the three-headed monster responsible for the 2010 electoral tsunami.

It looks like Republicans got their wish - Pelosi will remain on as the leader of the Democrats. Via Fox News:
WASHINGTON -- House Democrats averted a messy leadership struggle, clearing the way for Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer to become second in command of their new minority without a challenge from South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn.

Under an arrangement worked out in private, officials said late Friday that Clyburn would instead receive a new position, title unknown and duties undescribed, explicitly labeled the third-ranking post in leadership.
The odd man out is obviously Clyburn and this should be newfound evidence for the 90% of blacks who consistently side with the Democrat party that it is indeed the Democrats who are racist. When the Democrats were the majority party, Pelosi was Speaker, Steny Hoyer was majority leader and Clyburn held the position of majority Whip. Now what?

Pelosi will take Hoyer's old role, Hoyer will take Clyburn's old role, and Clyburn is on the outside looking in while receiving assurance that he will be given a significant role while holding a position that doesn't even exist.

Another interesting theme that is developing is how Pelosi is holding onto her power. Despite multiple Democrats publicly saying they would prefer someone else lead the party in the House, Pelosi is running unopposed and Democrats are coming across like the soldiers in the Wizard of Oz afraid to confront the witch.

h/t HapBlog

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