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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Rep. Peter King (R-NY) wrote an Op-ed in Newsday about his intentions to hold hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in the United States. That stance raised some eyebrows but it's the reaction of the pair owned by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg that may indicate congressman King is onto something. Earlier this year, it was the tone deaf Bloomberg who went against 71% of New Yorkers who opposed the Ground Zero mosque.

Now he's taking issue with a U.S. congressman who wants to confront the problem of radical Islam head-on. Bloomberg's reaction via the New York Post:
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a New York congressman’s planned hearings on radical Islam are not appropriate.

Rep. Peter King said in an opinion piece in Sunday’s Newsday that he intends to “break down the wall of political correctness” in the debate about what he calls Islamic radicalization.
Bloomberg was reacting to King's op-ed in Newsday which appeared on December 20th:
Earlier this month, I was elected by the House Republican Conference to be chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. I've made it clear that I'll focus the committee on counterterrorism and hold hearings on a wide range of issues, including radicalization of the American Muslim community and homegrown terrorism.

I've received many expressions of support and congratulations from government leaders, police and fire officials, and ordinary citizens. But my selection has not been received with universal acclaim. This is nothing new - the unwarranted criticisms go back years.

To some in the strata of political correctness, I'm a pretty bad guy. To be blunt, this crowd sees me as an anti-Muslim bigot. A spokesman for the Committee on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) denounced me last year for making "bigoted remarks . . . about Muslims and mosques (that) have no place in national security discussions."

In a 2006 CNN report about comments I'd made about Muslim leaders on Long Island, Paula Zahn said my charges were "causing a lot of outrage" before proceeding to asking me "Are you a Muslim hater?"
What should be clear is that standing with CAIR - as Bloomberg has done - does not mean you're not a bigot. It just means you're standing with a group that belongs to a larger group (Muslim Brotherhood) that wants to take down the United States from within.

The American public should take note. Bloomberg is a coward and Peter King is facing the truth.

Here is King further explaining his position.

h/t HapBlog

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