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Monday, December 20, 2010


If there was something good to come out of Andrew Breitbart's release of that Shirley Sherrod video that lacked complete context, it was the opening it created relative to the Pigford scandal. Many have speculated that the reason Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was so quick to fire Sherrod was there was concern that Breitbart knew about the alleged massive fraud that was taking place with Pigford. Breitbart didn't at the time but since then, he's been learning quite a bit about it.

At the essence of the fraud is a lawsuit filed on behalf of black farmers who were discriminated against. Years later, we find that the class action became a huge fraud, with attorneys encouraging people to become claimants who had no business doing so. This fraud allowed people with potted plants to suddenly become black farmers would receive $50,000 while the attorneys increased their earnings as a result.

Now Andrew Breitbart has teamed up with a progressive Documentarian named Lee Stranahan to get out the truth about Pigford - and it's going to be big.

Via Big Journalism:
Our arrangement is simple. I trust Lee to get to the truth. He is using’s report as his road map, but he is free to come to different conclusions. We are in constant contact and I am providing the resources, including more research from Gary Hewson, Peter Schweizer and me. [For Stranahan’s Hegelian followers, it’s a Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis thing.]

As a result of our agreement, Lee and his wife, along with his three home-schooled children and cats have hit the road in the South, traveling from Dallas, Texas to Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Jackson, Mississippi to Memphis , Tennessee. And that is only the beginning.

All the Pigford principals want to talk so far, including Jimmy Dismuke, a heroic black farmer turned defiant and vocal whistleblower, to Pigford class action attorneys, Othello Cross, and former Secretary of the Agriculture, Mike Espy – who now represents thousands of those suing the agency he ran during the peak of the alleged discrimination.

Lee even reached out to Shirley Sherrod’s attorney Rose Sanders, who is one of the top Pigford attorneys, and who offered tons of new information in an hour and a half interview. Given that Sanders once accused me of being a “klansman” when Media Matters sought her for comment about my ABC NEWS election night role, I was very interested to hear what she had to say. She didn’t disappoint.
Here is a video clip from that documentary, which was posted on Big Government.

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