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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Arlen Specter proved one thing with his bitter farewell speech - he was a fraudulent Republican, which is actually worse than a far left Democrat. At least the latter extends the courtesy of not wearing a mask. Specter actually adopted the most absurd of leftwing traits in this speech (projection) as he bemoaned a disregard for the separation of powers in our three branches of government. Ironically, he wasn't talking about the Executive branch. He was talking about the Judicial Branch. In particular, the 5-4 ruling in Citizens United vs. the FEC. Apparently lost on Specter was the FCC's decision to thumb its nose at both congress and recent court rulings on the same day he gave this speech; the FCC is an arm of the Obama administration.

It's also humorous how he makes the charge that the Republican party is being overrun by extremists and is falling prey to 'sophisticated cannibalism.' Again, it's the far left that has eaten the Democrat party. Then he points to Lisa Murkowski's successful write-in bid as a way to defeat 'right wing extremists' in the future.

His most truthful statement was only half of one sentence: "My dominant feeling is pride......" at the 6:00 mark.

Can someone tell me what John Kerry (seated behind Specter) is doing at the 1:45 mark?

Via Breitbart:

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