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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This really is quite the trio heading up our national security efforts. They're really making it tough to root for them. We watched yesterday as ABC released a clip of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano assuring Americans that people under her command are working '24/7, 364' to keep us safe. Now here we have Director of National Intelligence James Clapper left speechless by Diane Sawyer after she asks him about the recent arrest of 12 in London. Why was he speechless? He apparently had just learned about the arrests when Sawyer asked him about them.

To Sawyer's credit, she even came back to Clapper a little later and expressed her surprise that he was unaware of the 12 arrests earlier that morning. Clapper apologized and conceded he didn't know. Brennan attempted to defend him by telling Sawyer that while she asked Clapper about London, she didn't ask about the arrests. That was a stretch at best. Why would such a distinction not have been made by Clapper after it had become clear that Sawyer had been talking about the arrests.

On another note, the only mention of the word "Muslim" in this exchange was when Clapper put it in the same sentence with the word "outreach."

h/t Weasel Zippers

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