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Saturday, December 11, 2010


This provides some much needed reassurance in light of the increased insanity going on in the world these days. The navy has released video of its new weapon - the Railgun - and it is very impressive. It uses electro-magnetic energy to fire projectiles that don't even need to explode on impact because they're moving so fast. It's the speed of the projectiles that does all the damage. Additionally, the damage is done much faster. Some reach Mach 7.

Via Fox News:
A theoretical dream for decades, the railgun is unlike any other weapon used in warfare. And it's quite real too, as the U.S. Navy has proven in a record-setting test today in Dahlgren, VA.

Rather than relying on a explosion to fire a projectile, the technology uses an electomagnetic current to accelerate a non-explosive bullet at several times the speed of sound. The conductive projectile zips along a set of electrically charged parallel rails and out of the barrel at speeds up to Mach 7.

The result: a weapon that can hit a target 100 miles or more away within minutes.

"It's an over-used term, but it really changes several games," Rear Admiral Nevin P. Carr, Jr., the chief of Naval Research, told prior to the test.
I particularly like the part about akin to a car hitting a wall at 100 mph and then multiply that by 33.

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