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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video: Frances Fox Piven Answers Glenn Beck

This is further evidence that Glenn Beck is onto something - when the people he warns about are captured in their own words, saying anti-American things. In this case, it's Frances Fox Piven, who along with her husband in 1966, authored a paper that encouraged people to take down governments by flooding welfare rolls. The consequence would be the opportunity to implement new, socialist governments. To learn more about that paper, click HERE.

Recently, Piven has been captured in a series of audio and video recordings in which she advocates the same thing on a much grander scale, including calls for violent protests. It apparently got to the point that she felt she had to publicly defend herself. What better venue for her to do so than MSNBC.

Here is 4 minutes of lies followed by almost 30 seconds at the end when Piven goes speechless in mid-sentence. It's possible she was about to say something incriminating and didn't know how to spin it. In any case, it was very bizarre. That moment starts at the 4:08 mark.

Via The Blaze:

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