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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Head of CAIR Chicago Participates in Cairo Protests

His name is Ahmed Rehab and he is the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Chicago. He has been in Cairo, participating with the protesters, which are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Here is yet another glaring example in a long line of others that clearly demonstrate that CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are one in the same. During a segment with WBEZ 91.5 in Chicago, Rehab seemingly portrayed himself as an on-the-ground reporter doing little more than performing a news service but he was clearly there to show support for the Brotherhood.

During his segment on WBEZ he said:
"When I walked into Tahrir Square today and it was a site to behold, it was a lot more calmer in terms of no violence. When we first stormed Tahrir Square on Friday, we were facing.... dozens of tear gas bombs and rubber bullets, and police with batons."
If one correctly accepts the premise that the Muslim Brotherhood is a nefarious group that seeks the overthrow of the United States, one must necessarily accept that CAIR is part of the Brotherhood. If it weren't, would the leader of CAIR's Chicago branch still have a job after participating in Muslim Brotherhood protests in Egypt?

The Chicago Tribune reported on Rehab's appearance in Cairo:
Rehab has been one of many thousands of Egyptians who have taken to the streets in an attempt to oust longtime President Hosni Mubarak.

Rehab, who headed to Egypt on a personal mission, walked among the thousands of protesters Friday as rubber bullets whizzed by, tear gas canisters exploded and police hit protesters with batons, he said.

"We felt inspired the whole time," he said. "We knew we were creating history."
To listen to the interview between WBEZ and Rehab, Click HERE.

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Lyndsey and Christy said...

The brotherhood is an enemy of Al-Qaida. Since they and the U.S. have something in common then that must make the U.S. in cahoots with the brotherhood right? Because the protesters and the brotherhood both support a new Egyptian government, doesn't mean the protesters support the brotherhood.

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