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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video: Chris Matthews' Latest Obsession - Birthers!

Now that Hawaii's registered socialist governor, Neil Abercrombie has come up empty with respect to his pledge to shut the birthers up with documented proof, the narrative of MSNBC's Chris Matthews must necessarily change. Ain't it funny? In late December, Chris Matthews had David Corn and Clarence Page on his show to discuss Hawaii's registered socialist governor's effort to debunk the birthers by producing documentation that would end the controversy. During that exchange, Matthews said Obama should just release the long form birth certificate to end the controversy and embarrass the birthers. Corn and Page agreed. Corn even went a step further to say that presenting it would allow him to 'make even more fun of the birthers.'

Abercrombie then lays a goose egg. What to do, what to do. Matthews had Corn and Howard Fineman on the program to discuss the new Arizona bill that would prevent Obama from being on that state's ballot in 2012 unless he can produce the long form. The narrative clearly changed from 'Obama should produce it' to one of 'one doesn't exist but it doesn't matter.'

It's so funny watching someone with egg on his face ramble as if it wasn't there.

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To fully appreciate that exchange, one almost needs to see this one from when registered socialist Abercrombie had just begun his quest to prove the birthers wrong.

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