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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NYU Liberal's Reaction to CBS Reporter's Sexual Assault in Egypt

While the liberal media continues spinning the Egyptian / Muslim Brotherhood uprising as a wonderful thing, there are incidents and events on the ground that tell a much different story. Examples include the ten beatings sustained by CNN's Anderson Cooper and the assault of ABC's Christianne Amanpour. Another assault took place on February 11th and the victim was CBS News's Foreign correspondent Lara Logan. It was 'sustained,' 'sexual,' and 'brutal.'

Enter Nir Rosen. He's a liberal and a fellow at New York University's Center for Law and Security. He's also written for the Washington Post. In true ends-justify-the-means liberal fashion, Rosen exhibits no sympathy for Logan in multiple twitter posts. Instead, he implied that she deserved it because she is a 'war monger' while remaining completely insensitive, even joking that it would have been funny if Anderson Cooper would have been sexually assaulted as well.

All of this is happening as the liberal media continues to champion the uprising. Shockingly, in this AP video report about Logan's attack, it's reported that there have been 140 correspondents either killed or injured at Tahrir Square since the uprising.

At least in the case of one heartless liberal, apologizing for barbaric behavior justifies that uprising.

Via The Blaze

**UPDATE**: Nir Rosen is now GONE from NYU. Via the Blaze.

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