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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video: How on Earth did THIS Happen on MSNBC?

His name is Niall Ferguson and he's a history professor at Harvard and Senior Fellow at Oxford. Maybe he appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe because his article made the cover of Newsweek, which is a publication the White House approves of so perhaps the producers didn't have to run the guest suggestion up the Presidential food chain of acceptable interviews. After all, we know the White House is in constant contact with Mika and Joe.

This is an absolute must-see because all five Morning Joe Panelists take their shots at Ferguson and fail miserably. Without batting an eye, Ferguson takes them each down one by one until there is absolutely no air in the MSNBC studio. If this were a movie, one guy totally fends off five attackers and the audience scornfully mocks the possibility as something that could never happen.

Niall is the proverbial pin and the Morning Joe crew is the balloon. The discussion is centered around the Obama administration's handling of the crisis in Egypt. Ferguson all but calls it an unmitigated disaster and warns the audience that the Muslim Brotherhood taking control is not a good thing at all. A female CBS reporter was attacked and sexually assaulted at Tahrir Square which only further backed up Ferguson's argument.

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