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Friday, March 18, 2011

Audio: Mark Levin Rails on House Republican Leadership

Mark Levin went on a ten minute rant against John Boehner and Republican House leadership over its handling of the budget negotiations in general and their apparent contempt for 54 House Republicans who voted against another three week Continuing Resolution. What's amazing is that for two years, Boehner was basically Obama's punching bag in the House. Instead of coming out swinging after his party gained the majority, Boehner has been throwing up a big fat goose egg with respect to leadership. He talked a good game when he was the minority leader. Now that it's time to take the reigns, Boehner looks very weak.

It's really very simple. The country is broke and needs serious spending cuts. Boehner continues to dither while showing the White House his hand. Michele Bachmann and Steve King have been doing the leading that Boehner seems incapable of doing. They deserve most of the credit for getting those 54 Republicans to break ranks on the latest three week CR, which only kicks the can at a time when we absolutely cannot afford to. Something else to be said for both Bachmann and King is that they don't have a crying problem.

Here's Levin's rant via Daily Caller:

Perhaps we're figuring out why Boehner cries so much - COWARDICE. I'm sorry but if this guy is as concerned about the future of our children as he claims, he should resign - NOW.

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