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Friday, March 18, 2011

Video: Obama Nominee for Deputy Director of OMB Grilled by Senator

Her name is Heather Higginbottom and she is Barack Obama's nominee for Deputy Director of Office and Management Budget (OMB) and she is thoroughly grilled by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for what likely seemed to Higginbottom an eternity. To be fair, the position she's in here - defending Obama's budget and words - is beyond untenable. Sessions latches onto the president's words that his budget will not add to the debt and asks Higginbottom to explain how that's possible with all of the annual deficits it's slated to run.

She can't and you can practically see her perspiring as she vainly attempts to spin out of the tough questioning. We're also seeing an interesting trend develop within this administration. As the positions taken by this White House become increasingly indefensible, Obama is increasingly absent and new meat is increasingly grilled. Robert Gibbs's replacement - Andrew Carney - continues to flail worse than his predecessor did.

Another person Sessions makes reference to is Jacob Chew, the OMB Director whose words mirrored Obama. Sessions gave Higginbottom a chance to explain the assertions made by both men and she failed miserably.

If you'd like to see a six minute train wreck, just watch.

h/t Hapblog

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