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Monday, March 7, 2011

Video: Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to Change U.S. Constitution

Jesse Jackson Jr. wants it to be the law of the land that every kid can have an 'iPod' and a 'laptop.' He also wants to fix unemployment by changing the Constitution. The words that came out of Jesse's head hole known as mouth only come from one of two kinds of minds. Either: an uneducated child or a wicked man who wants to see the consequences of such destructive ideas being implemented. Jackson's logic is that if everyone has access to health care, it will drive demand for doctors up. If everyone has the right to a home, it will drive up demand for contractors.

Small problem, Jesse. Where does the money come from? Also completely lost on this corruptocrat is that the Community Reinvestment Act allowed minorities who couldn't afford homes to get them. The CRA(P), more than anything else, helped to put the U.S. economy in the dire straits its in.

This guy better have to testify in the next Rod Blagojevich trial. The first go round implicated JJJ as potentially being the most corrupt of all those involved in Blago's pay to play scandal.

Via the Blaze:

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