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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video: Louis Farrakhan says Obama is 'Jewish'

It appears that Louis Farrakhan is still quite angry at Barack Obama over how the United States is treating Louie's buddy Gadhafi, who has provided the Nation of Islam leader with millions of dollars over the years. If Gadhafi goes away, so does Farrakhan's gravy train. While speaking on March 25th, Farrakhan took umbrage at being 'tricked' with respect to how Obama is governing. Whatever agenda Farrakhan has - likely some sort of United States of African Muslim nations - removing Gadhafi is antithetical to that agenda and he's not happy about it at all.

There are many parts in this video that induce head-scratching. One of them comes early on when Louie justifies dictators by comparing them to parents of children who make all the rules. He also drops an 'N' bomb in referring to a black mayor but Obama's policies have apparently so flummoxed Farrakhan that the only answer he can come up for those policies is that Obama must be 'Jewish.'

Who knew?!

Via The Blaze:

Watch the radio rant Farrakhan went on during an interview on WVON in Chicago.

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