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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video: U.S. Senator Says Tea Party Republicans 'Don't Deserve the Freedoms in the Constitution.'

U.S. Senator from New Jersey Frank Lautenberg (D) spoke in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Englewood New Jersey on March 22nd to show opposition to Republican efforts to de-fund the abortion giant. Also joining him were several Democrat state senators. First up, he accused Republicans who say our nation is in dire economic straits of being liars. Lost on him apparently is the $14 Trillion debt we're facing. Our proposed budget cuts don't even pay the interest on existing debt.

He then says the Tea Party doesn't want his side to be able to express their opinions, which is a complete lie. The right encourages the left to express its opinions. It's the left who wants to squelch the right in the form of things like the Fairness Doctrine and Net Neutrality. The Pro-life crowd rightfully insists abortion is murder and doesn't want their tax dollars funding abortions. This stance is over and above the issue of deficit spending. Yet Lautenberg magically translates that into the Tea Party not wanting those on the left to express their opinions. Using his logic, someone on the left should be allowed to have an opinion that murdering an adult in cold blood should be legal and if anyone objects, they don't deserve the freedoms in the Constitution.

The most amazing statement from Lautenberg, however, was that Tea Party Republicans 'don't deserve the freedoms in the Constitution.'

The mask is off.

Via Hot Air:

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