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Thursday, April 21, 2011

CBS Runs Interference for Obama, Edits 'Open Mic' Comments

This 'open mic' incident in which Obama was heard talking candidly with donors in Chicago after the press had left just got a bit more interesting. The two minutes of audio released by CBS was certainly embarrassing for Obama but it didn't go much beyond exposing a level of arrogance most everyone knows he has. It's now been learned that CBS heavily edited the recording before they released it, which appears to mean what was left out is far more damaging than what was left in.

The job of CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller is basically to follow Obama's every move when possible and report on it. He is the one credited with releasing the two minute recording but there was much more. John Romano of Yes, But, However! tweeted Knoller multiple times, asking him why the full tape hadn't been released. Knoller finally did respond.
After several tweets by Yes, But, However! to Mr. Knoller as to why the full tape hasn’t been made public, he responded: “My editors decided against it.” Mr. Knoller offered no further explanation.
This certainly carries echoes of 2008, when the Los Angeles Times would not release video of Obama at a party with Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian with ties to the PLO.

Here is the audio that WAS released by CBS.

h/t Founding Bloggers

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