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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video: Hannity Interview with Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison

Sean Hannity interviewed Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) on his television show. To his credit, Hannity challenged Ellison, one of only two Muslim congressmen, on several points. At one point, Hannity asked Ellison about radical Islamists being at war with America and Ellison lumped all 'terrorists' into the same pot, including abortion clinic murderers. That's pathetic when the disparity between the number of radical Islamists and abortion clinic murderers are tallied. Ellison also used the same talking points that the Muslim Brotherhood uses when having to demonstrate to westerners they're well-intentioned; he targets al-Qaeda.

Hannity didn't appear to catch that and didn't ask Ellison about his ties to CAIR or Hamas. Such questioning, if rooted in a premise that al-Qaeda, Hamas, and CAIR are all part of the Muslim Brotherhood would have really put Ellison in a box. That said, it's worth watching. It gets contentious at several points and Hannity did a good job overall.

Here's Part 1 via Freedom's Lighthouse:

Part 2

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