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Friday, April 15, 2011

Video: Fox's Eric Bolling vs. Union Supporting Mayor

Eric Bolling was the guest host for a soon-to-be departing Glenn Beck and this interview helped him if he's got his eye on Beck's time slot. This was a nice fiery exchange between Bolling and the mayor of Lansing, MI Virg Bernero. Bernero is a union-supporting Democrat who could not deny that his city is under water when it comes to public sector union salaries vs. revenue. In a bottom line world, that's really all there is to say - unless your name is Virg Bernero. In yet another example of liberal illogic, he blamed companies for taking the jobs away and shipping them overseas.

Obviously lost on Bernero is the reason why those companies did that - UNIONS. Then, when Bolling asked Bernero how he's going to deal with the shortfall, good ol Virg made reference to increasing the mileage rates. That means raising property taxes. It's literally an insane option. The property values in Michigan have plummeted. Why? Because companies have left the area, making it depressed. So, why on earth would you raise property taxes? In Bernero's world, people will not move out of the area if he raises their property taxes. Good luck with that, Virg.

Democrats are simply ignorant of economics; pride and arrogance simply will not allow them to admit it. One day, reality will force them to admit it and that day is upon us.

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