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Monday, April 11, 2011

Video: Obama Senior Adviser Mocks Donald Trump

Something tells me Trump isn't going to let this go very long without a response. White House senior adviser David Plouffe comes off more than a little bit arrogant here. After being asked about Donald Trump's rise in the polls - in itself, a testament to how much of an impact Trump is having on the public discourse - Plouffe insists that he wants Trump to keep on climbing because he has no chance of being elected. He then calls it all a 'sideshow.'

I have long maintained that the entire Birther issue has been about Obama leading anyone who wants to go, down a blind alley as one of his distractions. That said, if that's true, and he produces his long form Birth Certificate, proving once and for all that was his strategy, there will be at least two very difficult questions for him to answer.

1.) Why did he spend so much money and wait so long?
2.) Why did he allow Lt. Co. Terry Lakin to go to jail over it?


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